On the edge of the Island where sun was forbidden. In the land of rain and cold, where nature knows no mercy. We stand inspired. Where wind throws rocks like leaves we stay unmoved. Curious. Universal. Ready for everything. Dressed in Iceland we calmly walk across the world.

Thjorsa combined nature with civilization to beget an idea of universal clothing. Clothing sewed with tradition, guarantee warmth and survival, providing stylish convenience and independence in every situation. Thjorsa flows further along with time spirit. Apart from indestructibility we guarantee our modern heroes comfort, in ademanding community..

Thjorsa clothing insures a total protection against rain and wind in area of high extreme with sense of freedom and style wherever you are.

Thjorsa. Created by Icelandic nature.


You know this feeling, when you are filled with calmness, without stress or pressure, when you know exactly what you want to do. And you do it, methodically and gaily, just as if you have been doing this forever. Almost without corrections, yet perfect.

This is how we make our ideas and projects come to life. This Scandinavian way that inspires us to provide better solutions and lets us combine the harmonic design with the comfort of wear. We are not limited by the lack of time, there is no production line. What really satisfies us are successful and refined projects rather than automated and mechanized production. This is why it is hand made. This is why we follow the process of creating every single coat from the very beginning till the end. We don't mind if our products are not exactly the same, it makes us happy if they are equally perfect.